Hey guys! It has been a while since I have spent time on my blog. I apologize! I have been crazy busy!

I have been busy working on portrait commissions and paintings to sell online, but I do want to start giving my blog a lot more attention.

Summer is a great time to spend outdoors and enjoy nature. There is just something about spending time in nature that can take the stress of the world away.

I love the fact I can spend time with my horse, see the feral cats that I have around my property, birds, bees and lately I have a groundhog that comes out of hiding when the sun is going down. All this just seems to put things back into perspective and makes my world ok again!

Sometimes I look up at clouds forming and am amazed at the beauty of the world if we just slow down and look around!

I was wondering what some of the things you do to destress. I would love to hear your thoughts!


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